Tuesday, September 28, 2010

37-The Book I Read

As some of you may or may not know, I'm a very, very avid reader. A few years ago, I actually built my own book shelf in order to have one place to put my books. Well, enough time has passed that my book shelf is now overflowing and my books are spilling out onto the floor. The overflow books need a new home of their own. Since I've been on a cleaning/redecorating/organizing kick, I took to the internet to see what could be done about this. As much as I would love to make another book shelf of my own, I don't have the time or resources (and frankly, I don't have the room). So with space being my biggest roadblock, I scoured the internet looking for the perfect solution, and of course, I found it. A bookcase headboard. Please tell me this isn't the most genius idea ever?! I honestly never would have even thought about something like that, but alas, they exist, they're cute, and they're the perfect solution to my problem! I'm still juggling back and forth between a few options, but this is definitely next up on my list of things to get.


  1. Very genious indeed! But, why don't you build one yourself. Home Depot will make the cuts for you! Then all you have to do is screw/glue/put together! Ana at ana-white.com might have some plans for you too! I'll give it a looksy!

  2. Ugh, I feel ya on the books. At the moment my two large bookcases (7 foot tall, three foot wide bookcases, that is) are completely full, with books spilling off the shelves, AND I have two boxes of books in my garage that are waiting to go to a used book store or something of the sort. Sigh.

  3. Love this! I agree, where do you store all the books you like to keep around you? I have the same problem at the moment!
    xo tash


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